3D fab committee meeting July 11th

Can an online meeting link be added to this meeting for those of us who do not want to gather in a small room with Covid going on. @Team_3D_Fab


Good idea, @engpin. I would like an online option, too. Thanks.

There is no agenda posted still, and they haven’t had a documented election in over a year now…

monthly 3d fab meeting
we will discus the upcoming election
new computer programs
scanner status

From the event on the calendar

I stand corrected; however they’re not supposed to be talking about an election, they’re supposed to be having one.

By the rules on committee election there was not enough notice

I mean could a chair avoid having to be re-elected by simply always refusing to put it on the agenda?

What about the fact that the meeting was posted far enough in advance for an election, but Max decided for whatever reason that there simply just wouldn’t be one?
It was asked of the committee already in another thread when the meeting was and about the spring chair election. For what reason Max didn’t put it on the agenda I don’t know, but it’s just procrastination at this point.

It’s not like it’s a secret that they need one. Why does it keep getting postponed? Elections for other committees were even happening during the shutdown

I’m not saying you’re wrong

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The board could remove Max and appoint a temporary chair to work through the election process. If they don’t have any known appointees they could post something here on talk; someone will step up.


I’d be glad to step up if needed


Any word on this being a thing?

I would like to have a virtual link to this meeting so I can attend.

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About this Event

Monthly 3d fab meeting.
We will discuss the upcoming election.
New computer programs.
Scanner status.
We will have committee re-votes on a couple items we voted on before the closure: scanner and elegoo resin printer.

Virtual Meeting details:

phone (landline, flip phone)
(US) +1 320-336-0078‬ PIN: ‪780 885 302‬#


3D fab Committee Meeting

When Sat Jul 11 6pm — 8pm
Where 3D Fabrication Room
1825 Monetary Ln #104 Carrollton, TX 75006
What monthly 3d fab meeting
Host Max Kirkland
Categories * Event


  • Cost: Free

Cancellations for this event must be made before July 11, 2020 — 6:00pm.

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Do you have an updated agenda for this meeting?

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Never mind i see it

Is there something you wish to discuss? I’ll be adding some info once i get to Makerspace I’m sure Know we we will bE Voting on some rule changes And scanner and resin printer purchases

No just was wanting what was up for discussion so I could be prepared to attend virtually due to personal events I wont be able to be around today.

You can attend online if you prefer, I would prefer you to be there if you can.

This was a very productive meeting tonight; @maxk68 and I additionally worked on installing software on the new workstations, getting started configuring the new pis and updated copies of OctoPrint (though we hit a blocker with a missing sdcard reader). We’re resuming that on Wednesday.

@talkers, any idea when the minutes will be up?