3d cast from dry clay imprint

Does anyone know how I could get a 3D cast of a dog paw print from a mold taken in air drying clay? I saw a youtube video on it and took the imprint of my dogs paws. I let them dry completely. He has since passed away and I finally started looking into finishing them, but everything I see now shows the clay being wet so it can be peeled back from the plaster or clay. Since they are the only imprints I have I don’t have room to experiment on them.

Thanks so much

Perhaps you could fill the imprint with a flexible two part (silicone) molding compound. When that cures it will be flexible enough to remove from the imprint. Then you could use that as if it were the paws to make another imprint.

You should be able to buy that sort of modeling compound at any of the big box craft stores.

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I’d recommend making proxies to experiment with before committing to your pet’s imprint. Some air dry clay and the creative use of thumbs/fingers could likely create a reasonable dummy mold(s) with which to practice.