3-22-2018 BoD Mtg Regarding Renting Next Door


Be There Thursday Night

The business to the north of us, Telecom Solutions, ~20,000sf (DMS is 16,500sf) has put their space on the market for sub-lease. The emergency meeting will be for the Board of Directors to vote on whether on not DMS should get the lease or not.

Discussions will be will focus on the financial aspects and considerations. Discuss of risks associated with renting that much space, impact on capital improvements.

All members please attend. This a MAJOR decision and everyone’s input is sought as it will impact everyone.



Just so everyone is on the same page, I called for the meeting for 7 days from yesterday because a board member said they would not waive notice. https://dallasmakerspace.org/wiki/Bylaws#Section_2.4_Special_Meetings If all 5 decide before Thursday to waive notice we could end up having the meeting sooner. We will announce if the meeting is moved up to a sooner date.



This is an exciting prospect but we as a board are going to make sure we have all information before we make any decisions. We are responsible for DMS and take this seriously. We will be meeting with our accountants Sunday to get a full analysis of our financial status. We welcome all questions and want as much input through the right channels as to keep any confusion to a minimum. I encourage everyone to come to the meeting and if you cant, please send your questions to [email protected] and we will try to answer all queries to the best of our ability.