27 June 2020 Machine Shop Meeting


New to the Dallas Makerspace and someone said this would be a good place to get in touch with leadership within the machine shop. I have signed up for the machine shop meeting this Saturday and would like to know if it’s possible to take the required course to operate the Haas? Use of the Haas is one of the primary reasons for joining. Thanks!

Don Maloy



Welcome to DMS. Do you have experience running a CNC elsewhere? If so, it’s a completely different conversation than if you haven’t. Either way you can get signed off on the Haas, but it probably won’t be at the machine shop meeting.

Each of the interests are broken up into committees. Woodshop, machine shop, automotive, etc. The committees have meetings to discuss needs, ideas, and solve problems by getting input from members of the committee. To be part of a committee, you only need to express interest.

We have recently opened DMS back up after a couple months, so it might take some time to get everything back into full swing.

I would encourage you to show up to the meeting, meet a couple people and ask about how we do things at DMS.

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Thanks for the welcome. I do have experience, and look forward to meeting everyone next weekend or in passing.

As a note, I am also willing to volunteer teaching once a week in the evenings.

Is there a formalized checklist to keep track of all of the qualifications required to run equipment onsite with a contact list for those who execute the qualification process? I did not see many classes listed and would like to get qualified fairly quick.

Thanks in advance,

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Certification classes are provided by other members that have been approved to be instructors. We have very recently reopened, so available classes are scarce. If you venture over to calendar.dallasmakerspace.org you can see the meetings and classes. Normally, this is stacked full of things, however it’s not at the moment.

Show up to the meeting, it’ll be where you can get the best information for moving forward.

If you have proficiency on the Hass, Bridgeport, Lathe, or Sherlines youy may be able to test out and would love to have you has an instructor. If so send a PM to
@ Team_Machine_Shop (no space between @ and Team). Also, send a PM and ask to be added to the distribution list, there is also a @ Team_Metal_Shop you may want to join.

To give you idea about about what classes were like pre-plague, this is the last full month that had classes https://calendar.dallasmakerspace.org/events/calendar/2020/2.

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Thanks for the response. I don’t normally spend time manual machining on a Bridgeport or lathe, guessing that’s apart of the training program? Most of my projects require a bit more complexity which would be very time consuming manual machining.

My workflow is normally Solidworks CAM (feeds/speed/tool path/Collision validation), export program, set up fixtures, index, and cycle start. Does the Haas VF2 accept programs or are you using it for manual machining only? I think I saw a 10 place tool changer installed, do I need to bring in my own tooling to use the machine once qualified? One other note, I saw a modern control panel nearby, but it didn’t appear to be installed. Is that something in the works?

Thanks for answering my questions and for your time.

I believe the Haas can hold 20 tools.(1) The first 10 are committee designated library tools. The next 10 you can loan other tools you need: yours or DMS available tools. Any specialized cutters/sizes DMS doesn’t have you’ll need to provide. But you can use the too holders/collets DMS has.

I believe future Haas training classes will require Bridgeport training as a prerequisite so that a lot of the basic machining concepts are covered this shortening the Haas class.

The one console you saw is training simulator for the Haas

SolidWorks is one of our sponsors, DMS has two full pro suites that can be operated on the server. You can also get a free Student Version to download onto your computer. For more Info, contact @David_A_Tucker. If you know SW, could/would/will/please each some basic courses to get people started.

Note: (1) seems like I remember buying 20 rebuild kits. Or was it 10 kits and we cherry picked the best parts and used them for the remaining positions? The later seems correct.

Thanks for all of the info. I would be more than happy to help teach people Solidworks as I was certified by SW for teaching both mechanical design and simulation. I probably have 10-15 different Solidworks specific Textbooks with classes I used to teach from SW Essentials 5 day course through CSWP prep and Flow simulation. I have my own full commercial suite for my businesses, and thank you for the offer to get an extra copy. Hope to meet you this Saturday and we can discuss how I can contribute to the group.

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Great! If you didn’t know, you’ll be eligible for an honorarium for teaching the class. The best thing about the ability to get the student licenses is students taking the class will have full featured suite. Also, Lecture hall is now set-up for teaching computer classes.

Yes, and I can prep them for the CSWP exam if they would like to take it. Would help them with employment opportunities if they choose to. Probably be able to start teaching the 3 day course next month. Late evenings as most people probably have work. 9pm-midnight or so

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The North Texas SolidWorks group had their monthly meeting at DMS per-plague in the Lecture Hall, I’d guess they averaged 25+

Just got my work schedule for next month. I would be able to teach a 4 day 3 hr per day Solidworks Essentials course on Sunday nights 9pm-midnight for the month of July initially. I would like to do it monthly moving forward.

Who do I speak with to set this up? Probably charge $20 per day per person.

Those who attend all 4 lessons will receive a certificate of completion and be eligible to take the CSWP prep course. Probably $50 for that course. That will be a 5 hour 1 day course followed by taking the exam in house as I proctor/ answer any questions students have during the exam.

Course includes PowerPoint slides, instruction lead walkthrough from very basics to include .pdf handout, one on one instruction during practice exercises. Basically the same course businesses get charged $2,000 per person when they go through Solidworks.

100% proceeds go to machine shop for a new CNC machine.

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Max students 12

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