2013 Chevy Traverse "Lower Bushing" Help


Ok, I will meet you there around 8:30 tomorrow night. Thank you Tom! I’ll work around your schedule obviously so once we know what is needed we can figure out a time we can get together to do the work. Thank you!


Big thanks to @TLAR and @worldcloud for the help tonight. After Joe signed me off on the lift Tom looked the suspension over and came to the conclusion NTB was wrong, the control arms and bearings were just fine. I’m marking this up as another sketchy “mechanic” trying to take advantage of a woman by quoting my wife for work that was not needed. Im done with NTB and the chains. Thank you again Tom and Joe!


Sounds like you saved about 18 months of dues.


My experience with dealerships, chain service centers and independent shops have led me to believe that customers are not customers but cash cows in the view of their employees. :frowning:


The control arm bushings in question are in great shape.

Gotta love it when a customer (typically a woman) goes into a vehichle repair place for “anything” and leaves with a long list of “suggested repairs”…

This should be great for the Makerspace spouses!