2008 Toyota Camry XLE V6 help required

I need to perform the following maintenance on my 2008 Toyota Camry XLE V6 and need some advice regarding the DMS facility.

1: I need to replace the CV axels…which is simple enough.

2: While I am at it, I need to do a brake job. It is also time to flush the system.

Looks like I will need a:
17-22mm socket,
30mm twelve-point deep socket
breaker bar
torque wrench
ball joint separator
flat punch set
pry bars

Do we have the above mentioned tools?

Also, what assist do I have to flush the system: looks like the standard 2-man job unless we have one of those single-person flush systems?

Finally, I may need to replace my power steering rack. Does anyone have the Toyota maintenance books? I understand that this may require engine removal?


Your repair/maintenance list would go much better with a second person(not impossible for an experienced tech, but still better with another pair of hands).

I doubt your steering rack needs replacement - has ANYONE else(any qualified individual) looked at it other than the “kind folks” that told you it needed replacing ?

Are you replacing the axles due to a noise or damaged boots?

“Brake job” that was a popular term in the ancient days when I first started in the Automotive field - way , way back when there were tasks like rebuilding wheel cylinders and the horrid thought of relining brake shoes, machining drums and cleaning and repacking ball or tapered wheel bearings. Those “good olde days” are mostly gone and today’s cars - your Camry is much easier and user friendly when it comes to brakes - especially the front ones.

A brake flush is easier & smarter again with two people - even with a negative or positive bleeder or without. (a good turkey baster is very handy for brake flushes).

Dress to get dirty and I can meet you at the Lift on a Sunday(not this Sunday-unless it is later in the evening-as I have mountain of fecal matter to do tomorrow before 6pm.

The KEY to the automotive area is to save you from spending unnecessary money at nonexistent problems relayed to you (and other vehicle owners) by your friendly Toyota dealer, Firestone, Goodyear, Driver’s Edge, Christian Brothers, City Garage, NTB, Midas, Just Crooks (i mean just brakes), any many other franchises.

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Hi Tom

Thanks for your help!

LoL….very, very experienced with “ole-school” brake jobs…weren’t those the days!

The Camry has a little over 100k on it. Not sure when the last brake job was done. There is a shimmy when applying brakes, which is probably a warped disc problem. Intent is to replace the discs and pads and flush the system. Considering the mileage, not sure if it would be wise to replace the calipers or if that is just overkill. Possibly the front flex hoses? I do not hear any squealing that would indicate bad pads.

Looks like system flush is extracting fluid from master cylinder with turkey baster. Adding new fluid. Then purging via the ole pedal pump method starting with the passenger rear. Also suggested to place a 2x4 or similar under the brake pedal to prevent overextending the calipers during the pedal push.

Been told that the CV boots are bad. I already purchased remanuf. CVs from NAPA. Need to take a look-see at the rack. Alignment is good.

I normally purchase parts at NAPA. They usually have the best quality. The 2nd Saturday of each month they have massive discount sale early in the am. I stick with brand names like Raybestos, etc. made in the US, Canada, Japan…

1: Do you have any service history on the Car? (this is where the ‘car fax’ is worthless when buying a pre-owned car)
2: Brake discs don’t warp - (common myth) but that is another topic.

3: That vibration could be from the brakes, but it could also be from other things as well - not necessarily brake related.

4: Calipers are not a mileage based component. In fact they last as long as the car in the DFW area. Flex hoses also not a mileage based component, and with a ten year old car you have a lot of life left in them.

5: Not sure where you read about the 2x4 that is a new one to me…No need for that snake oil either.

6: Napa isn’t bad - I just prefer OEM brands sourced from wherever one feels comfortable. As long as you didn’t buy axles made buy a Chinese firm called FEQ. Unfortunately due to the “global” market all the ‘oem style’ axles for your car are made in China and FEQ is the worst in ‘quality’.

7: All the above is WHY you and me(or other willing qualified person) should take a look at your car to see what it needs before you order any parts. It is much better to make a list and add it into your budget vs just throwing parts at it hoping for a good outcome.

8: This is not just you Will - this is for any car owner that gets one of those inflated quotes from a repair shop and happens to be a member (or potential member of the Space).