2008 Macbook Pro GPU replacement on logic board?

I have an Early-2008 Apple MacBook Pro pre-Unibody that boots to a blackscreen (no video signal). My troubleshooting and research has revealed that these laptops have a history of a defective nVidia GeForce 8600M GT video chipset (G84-602-A2) and that a revised version was released in 2010 ($30 part).

Anyone at DMS interested/able to perform this type of repair involving replacing a GPU on a logic board? Or know someone who who might be? Happy to pay someone! I would rather find someone local to repair this rather then send it across the country.

I found this video below demonstrating the repair https://youtu.be/jSYriWF_2Qs


Kim Owens

Sure this is a circuit kind of thing so @Team_Electronics would be a good choice but I’m fairly sure there’s a few guys on @Team_VCC that does this stuff for a living or regularly in some manner.

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Thanks Dwight,

I am new to actually posting here. Should I message the groups you mention directly?


Since they’re tagged on here they already got a notice. Usually someone would have replied by now so one may want to come into the space and ask around.

I know @artg_dms could point you to a good electrical engineer guy and for myself, well unless someone on the committee speaks up I might be convinced to do it for a donation to VCC.

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Maybe this would be more visible in Electronics?

Cool. I appreciate your help and suggestions. Would love to get it fixed, my retired mother has been using it as a “hand me down” for a few years for mail and web browsing and likes it. Just want to get her connected again.

Happy to make a donation or pay someone. I will stay posted!

Paging Malcom @malcolmputer.
Might be a good project to use the recently Mouser donated Metcal preheat station.
Not sure we have the same size square nozzle as shown in the video.
Video makes working w/ bga smd look really easy…:astonished:

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I don’t mind doing it, it doesn’t need to fancy of hot air solution, it’s just a simple BGA solder job. De-solder with hot air (wouldn’t recommend oven or larger than localized hot air), clean and flux the pads, then solder on the BGA.

With a novice doing it, you won’t have a 100% success rate (I’d say ~80% or so) but it’s a lot of fun and I can help you do it if you need.

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Have not done one of these…and prefer not to experiment with someone else’s board.