20% off Onlinemetals.com through Wednesday

OnlineMetals.com has 20% off everything now through out wednesday
Discount Code GOLDEN119

They have the best selection I know of on the internet
Also they have free will call in Irving and they usually have it ready within the hour & skip the shipping

Plus a lot of their prices already dropped.
I can’t quantify it but I went to get a piece of brass a few weeks ago it was ~$280
Today I got it for $154


Does anyone know how often sales like this happen? This doesn’t affect any purchase decisions; I just want to know how hard to kick myself for not being able to place an order now.

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If you go to their online website and sign-up, you’ll get regular emails. They usually have a monthly discount that that is 10%-15%. Then 3-4 times a month you’ll get a code good for about 72 hrs sent to you.

Sometime they are as high 25%



It sounds like they went to business school with Harbor Freight.

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Not hardly … they are owned by Thyssenkrupp, 10th largest company by world revenue in 2015. Online Metals is easier name to think of. Think MAJOR Germany Industrial Power, for things like: Tanks, Ships, Artillery … if it was for WWI, WWII, big, made of steel, Krupp and Thyssen were involved. Still big dawgs of quality metals.

For some really good deals on things like brass and copper for small projects, look for the Protobox in various weights. I’ve bought a number of these. They are sold by weight and you get various shapes and sizes. I usually wait until they have 20% or 25% off and buy the 20lb packages. Good variety, never the same. The pieces will be about 10" - 12" in size. Based on what they charge for that size, it is 50% off the list price, then you discount it another 25%. So you’re paying about 38% of list. Give you a nice stash to work with. I’ve got about 100lbs off Brass, Copper, Aluminum if collected over the past year on sale.