2 lawn mowers for sale/free

So does anyone want them😂

I don’t want to call it a class but if you can get the broken one up to DMS I’ll throw a time on the calendar and we can have a ‘gather round and try to fix it’ session, I’m free either this Saturday or some evening next week.


Please post here if a class goes up!

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Yeah I’m definitely willing to do that! But would it be better to bring it on the day of the “class” since we can’t store things?

That’d be best, yes. If it’s not possible then we could talk to the automotive chair (Freddy) about storing it for a few days since it’s for a class.

I assume the MTD is the broken mower?

It is not clear what if someone picked up this donation. I need the right front wheel and height adjuster of the self propelled mower.

I just replaced the engine on my self propelled mower and I am willing to pull the old engine out of the recycle bin and give it to DMS if you want to take it apart. It was a working engine but put out a lot of smoke.

The self propelled part of the mower doesn’t work anymore. Would that still work for you?

Yes. I just need to salvage it for parts.