2 AWG Electrical Wire


Anyone know where I can buy 2 AWG wire in town? I think I only need about 10 feet or less. Tanner’s only had audio cable in stock. If not, Amazon sells them.


Home Depot or Lowes


I’ve checked a few, they claimed they have to order them. Do you know of a store here that keeps it in stock by chance?


Elliot Electric very likely stocks it or can order it on your behalf from a local supplier (i.e. Priority Wire & Cable on Luna) … by the spool. ~Ten feet might be troublesome.


What was the issue with Tanner’s wire? I’ve used some of their 4AWG and found it to work just fine. You just have to re-train the electrons to flow in a non-audio fashion. I recommend playing them some intermittent polka in the first few weeks.


Or playing loops of magnetic ballast hum to accustom them to the rhythm of moving electrons predictably.


I have some 2 AWG wire in my scrap pile. Is 10 feet in one piece all you need? Or do you need any smaller lengths?


That would be great! I’m thinking less, maybe just a couple feet will do. Thanks!

I’m wanting to connect my AGM leisure battery to my starter battery with a smart isolator in between. I’m not sure if I need a charger as well, I’ll probably make another post for this question…


So you are talking automotive wiring then?


If you are using an isolator, it should handle balancing the alternator charge between the two. Unless you mean a low voltage disconnect, in which case you may or may not depending on how it’s setup.


Here is a video on some battery cable.

In the past Ive used welding cable in a pinch, however if it gets oily, supposedly the jacket breaks down.


One caution, about tanners inventory, or any low price wire, increasingly, I’m seeing Copper Clad Aluminum sneaking in. I was sort of surprised the first time I saw it on the shelf at tanner.


I have a 12 ft long piece of 2 AWG cable that I will give you. The cable is new, unused, and very flexible with 163 strands of 24 AWG wire, rated for up to 600 V and 105 Degree C. Here is the data on the cable. Datasheet

I will be at the Electronics Meeting on this Thursday at 7:30, you can pick it up then. At the meeting I will also be giving away a nice DC Power Supply as a door prize.


Ah I just realized I have game night tomorrow evening, I may have to find you on another day you’re at the space.


That’s Okay. I’ll leave the wire in the Electronics Lab next to the Amateur Radio equipment with your name on it. I am glad to have helped out on your project.


Thanks a ton!


I am glad you got the small spool of 2 AWG wire. Use what you can for your project and share the rest with others.