1964 Chevy Corvair Convertible - fun in the sun


The recent 1964 Corvair convertible should be a great top down car when it is back on the road - with no air conditioning, that leaves out May, through Oct for those of over 40 in this area.

I posted this for those members that are not hard core “car” people (Jayson the recent Corvair owner isn’t but if he follows through with this, will be). It should be a positive learning experience for everyone interested.

Jayson asked me if I knew of any place to get parts for it. Locally - no, nothing outside of basic fluids. There are several Corvair specific parts houses online (formerly known as “mail order” to us older folks). One can restore this model to new condition, or repair it to the point of making it safe and reliable for use daily use.

Here are three parts places to start with.

mikescorvairparts com
There is a very strong local corvair club in North Texas as well - and a great resource as well.



I can add thumbs-up to the club. My quilting buddy Marie’s husband was an enthusiastic member of same when they still lived in Texas. (presumably he is now in a Minnesota club.) He had a stable of about four Corvairs at one point. As well as a number of antique tractors.


Sometimes, I wonder if the people who rebuild these engines for aircraft use have leftover parts useful and in demand on the automotive side, or sources for parts that might be difficult through the automotive channels. One example could be https://flycorvair.net/


My first car, a 66 Corvair…I still have the key:



I thought these were kinda cool when I saw one at an auto show.https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwiF9Y-F7M3fAhVJ4YMKHbSWCzYQjRx6BAgBEAU&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.barrett-jackson.com%2FArchive%2FEvent%2FItem%2F1963-CHEVROLET-CORVAIR-GREENBRIER-VAN-161647&psig=AOvVaw1P1WpRlSL6NTEAF-phCM_9&ust=1546475426372116


Few knew that the Corvair was offerred in many other models other than the coupe, sedan and conv.

One of my desires used to be the “Lakewood”.


Several decades ago when in EAA, I remember the 180hp turbo (Corsa version IIRC) was the most sought after since it could maintain power at altitude. As I recall some modified the Waste Gate so the so pressure could be adjusted and maintain the same performance as the engine had a sea level. Of course, there were those that would over boost it and trash the engine. Friend had one, went through belts as as often as an oil change.


Yes, my brother had a Corsa and until they came out with the belts with the notches cut in them that was a constant problem. I had a piece of bent metal with 3 sockets welded on it just for that problem…trying to make a belt go from vertical to horizontal was just too much.


My friend’s hubby had a red one! I admired it a time or two in his barn. He had planned to restore it, but when they decided to relocate to Minnesota, he ended up trading it for something that was needed more, as I recall.


Owned one, but Dad had about 5. He restored a Spyder which I think was a '64. Rebuilt a few others. Parted some for dune buggies.

This car is how I learned to drive. (Likely explains a few things.)


Find memories. When I 15, I was passenger in a ‘64 Corsair when a ‘68 Charger ren a light and hit my side, right behind the front door. I looked up right before he hit. Biggest grill I’ve seen before or since.


Friend of mine in HS parents had one. Interesting times.
Remember seeing Corvairs running at Hallett.
Buried in my film archives are picts of.
Yenko Stinger
Video of going around the Hallett track.

Jason - replace those 2x little 1 barrel carbs w/ 2x 3 barrel Webers :wink:
Next best thing to port fi.


Good idea Art!
Or go with ITB’s - they would be easier to source than good working triple throat webers & just about perfect.

Ahhh yes if only every project had an unlimited budget!


Oh Oh Oh!!!
A class on the joys of tuning/syncing multi carb setups.:grimacing::scream:


Thanks for the links. Brought back some memories. My dad painted this car:
image for Joe Burch who used to race it locally here in Dallas. He took me on a race track ride with my trusty Super 8 camera, much of the footage was the underside of the roof (acceleration) or the dash during braking! It was an exciting ride.



When / or if the time comes and the corvair’s twin carbs need synching - I’ll be happy to bring in the pair of these I have at home. The last time I used them was on a 64 365a.


Woulda been handy on my 356B Cabriolet. Definitely better than my ears.


That looks just like my '66.