100 FREE 3D Printers For Dallas-Fort Worth Schools

This is a project I am involved in and thought I had already posted here at DMS, but I can’t see anything.

so… this is a project being run and funded by Unique Software Development, the Mark Cuban Foundation, Woodrow Wilson Robocats and The Workshop by TBK Bank.

Basically there are 100 Creaility 3D printers available for schools in North Texas. Successful grant applicants will get a 3D printer and a half day training on everything 3D printing to get them up and running ASAP.

The deadline for applications is THIS FRIDAY.

Please spread the word to your local schools.

Full details can be found here…


@uglyknees … any interest?

@MrsMoose – are you where this would be helpful for you?
@Julie-Harris – for the kids’ schools?


Thank you - I’ll pass this along :slight_smile:

Thanks guys - wrote a grant in the nick of time. Not my best work by far but at least its a try. I’ll let you know if it’s successful!