10-32 tap no more

So the tapping kit has been missing a 10-32 tap… The good news? I found a 10-32 tap in the purple tap accessory box…
The bad news? It’s broken. :frowning:

Worse news… the 10-32 tap in the steel Huot box is missing as well.

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Machine screw taps were on the next list to order. i was going to order at least 2 of each since they are easily broken.

Those things have a mind of their own. If I don’t care about the item being tapped, I can use the tiniest tap I can find chucked up in a Hilti hammer drill and it won’t break.

If it is going to be a giant PITA to get the tap out or I really really care about what I’m tapping like a custom manufactured piece with 40 hours of machine shop time, I can make light turns with a jig to keep the tap straight, and lubrication…that thing will break.

There has to be an actuarial number around value of object to tap breaking off.

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there were 3 in the wood box just last week. gone/broken already?

If you can find a smaller flat carbide end mill and get it mounted on the bridgeport you can do a drill peck to break the tap apart. It works better than a drill bit.