1/8" Aluminum Plate cutting method(s)?

Hello Metal Shop. I seem to be in an ever tightening spiral down the metal fabrication rabbit hole. I thought I wouldn’t like metal work. I thought wrong. It is awesome!
My latest adventures have me up to cutting 1/8 inch Aluminum plate (12" X 12"). I am interested in fairly accurate results. What is the best method at DMS to cut said plate?

Define “fairly accurate.”

The plasma table is easy but not the most precise, however when done correctly is more than adequate for most purposes other than precision.

For precision milling and the like the Haas can’t be beat (or the bridgeport for manual use; the Haas has a lot of training requirements compared to everything else though operators are often willing to help run odd jobs)

For engraving the Shapeoko may be a better option since it’s simpler to use but it won’t cut the material.

You can cut aluminum on the dynatorch but it leaves a rough cut edge. There are a bunch of scrap aluminum pieces near the usable scrap bin you can look at.

fairly accurate < 1/16th.

The HAAS is extra intimidating. LOL

I think the plasma might be too rough on the edges. Do we have a water jet type anywhere or any plans for one?

Note to self… google prices of things first. Please disregard my previous question. Holy cow, I am in the wrong business! Those things are expensive!!

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Yeah inquired pricing was about 115k for just the machine, last I checked. That’s not including the required power.

You could try https://sendcutsend.com/

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Thanks Randy, I will look into Sendcutsend!

I will second Send Cut Send.

The battle bot I helped build this year was made almost entirely from parts cut by Send Cut Send.

The cut quality is great, lead times and shipping are reasonable.

Don’t forget that Old School Methods still work. A scrollsaw or fret saw will make short work of 1/8" alum and you build some muscles with the fret saw. :muscle:

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I’m still working on making the file to get the quote at send cut send but since patience is not my strongest quality, I have manhandled one using old school methods, mostly shear force of will (…and a jig saw… and scroll saw…and now a file). Its a little ugly tonight but i’ll clean it up tomorrow and post some pics. Definitely makes sendcutsend more appealing if the price is right. Doing it manually is not scalable.

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