1/18/20 New Years Potluck!

Hey hey hey! Let’s eat together! Bring a dish and let’s have a great time!




Guess I have a few days to ponder what I’m going to bring.


Wish I could make this - hope to make it to next one. Y’all have a great time!

Was there a Google form like last potluck to fill in what we are bringing… or just not worry about it and being whatever?

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Dealers choice! Google docs are fancy, but just bring what you would like!

this is why we end up with 18 desserts, lol.

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True, and yum, but we can always call for pizza. To be completely honest, google suite eludes me.

<reminds self to add to his list of tasks to create a branded DMS potluck app during Kirk’s boot-camp>

I ate vegetarian today in prep to be full omnivore this weekend!

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Classic simple rotel velveeta queso just went in the crock

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We are about to leave but are running a little bit behind.

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Thanks all for the delicious pork, taco meat, salads, dips, desserts, breads