1-11-19 Hatcher's Range Day (Updates!)


20 people + on a Friday evening? That’ll be tight even using 4 or 5 lanes. They do have lanes when you directly enter, then a second separate “doored off” range. Sounds like there is going to be enough people to have that entire second set of lanes.


We might want to warn/ask them. Who has been talking to them?


@Nick has been. I would be happy to see more show up. I think we are slated for 3-4 lanes. They have 2 stalls 12 lanes.

Virtual tour

Additionally here is their rental guns they have


3 hours for 20 people confirmed + X walk ins doesn’t leave allow a lot of time to shoot all the guns…
Time flies when you’re going bang-empty mag, reload, bang -empty mag, chit-chat in between.

Attendees will need to bring own or purchase from Eagle/Walmart/etc if you don’t already have one. Doesn’t have to be amber or that brand (picture as an example only)

Is usually where the rifle/shotgun shooters get assigned to.


That is great news! I’ll try to drop by the range tonight and update them on our expected attendance. We might be able to expand our offering. Which would be great considering mine and @TBJK’s arsenal. :wink:

Reminder, you should be willing to purchase ammo for any firearm you want to shoot. Ammo is available for sale at the range. It can be at a bit of a premium, but Eagle is usually some what competitive on ammo pricing.

I would bet the range will let us expand given the crowd. My hope is to have 2 or 3 people working as helpers on the range and getting the newbies comfortable. At first the Newbies will have to take turns with a helpers. But, those that know what they are doing I would hope would pair or triple up and use a lane with their firearms. If they want to try the other firearms, They and cue up and have a go with the loaner firearms as well. We don’t have an agenda beyond have a safe and fun shooting event. Given that a 20 person crowd will likely be a lot of fun and camaraderie.


Pinging this thread back to the top of Talk.

I dropped by eagle and informed them of our success in attracting member to the event. Last I heard we had 20 people already registered and a good handleful anticipated to show up that hadn’t registered. I told eagle the updated numbers and they are going to help us expand to make sure everyone has a good time.

If you are coming, please go to the original post and print and fill out the waiver. This will make getting into the range much faster. Secondly, I attached the range rules. Please read them, the range has a little question they ask to make sure you read the range rules.

Excited to bring the new year in with a bang!


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Getting mine together & getting ready to leave.


Oops. :–(


Traffic and weather sucks, at the space, inbound in 10 minutes.


What a great time & great turn out. I now have more firearms I want to buy.


Indeed a good time was had by all!