1-11-19 Hatcher's Range Day (Updates!)


Hey Everyone,

Please remember to RSVP for the range day at the link below it helps us make sure we will have enough lanes for everyone,

Wanted to give some updates for the Range Day so far. I met with Terry at Eagle Gun Range on 1-2-19 to finalize our plans for the event. Terry and the range are excited to have us and will be giving us a free group safety class at the range in the private class room. So make sure to show up at or before 6pm to make sure you get in on the safety training.

Also, to make the getting into the event easier, here is the Eagle Gun Range Waiver and Range Rules. If you would bring a filled out copy of the waiver and have read the range rules, you will be able to get through the registration much quicker.

Eagle Gun Range Paper Waiver.pdf (102.5 KB)
Eagle Gun Range Rules.pdf (427.5 KB)

Here is a map to the Eagle Gun Range from DMS,

In addition to the videoing of shooting position, we may have a chronograph available for use thanks to @TBJK. So if you have some reloads you would like to clock or just wonder how a particular ammo performs out of your firearm, we will have an option for that.

In the Hatcher’s PM, we were discussing some of the firearms we are planning on having available and @uglyknees said we should post this to the group. So here are some of the more exotic firearms I’ll have available,

Kriss Vector in 9mm

Chiappa Rhino in 357mag

Desert Eagle in 50ae

Henry Golden Boy in 22lr

Anyone else bringing firearms, please post some pics to help grow the excitement.


Did you ask them about setting the Chronograph up by chance?


I didn’t, but they were fine with the setting up of a camera when I first spoke with them. the chrono is different, so I understand that.


They also have full auto rentals too. If anyone is interested in that.


I’ll be bringing ye old Kalashnikov and ruger redhawk in 44 magnum


what are the rental rates there? I can’t seem to find them on the site


We will have plenty to share. No need to rent.


5$ per gun plus their ammo. For their hand guns.

But Nick is right you shouldn’t need to rent unless they have something you would rathe shoot.


And depending on what you want to try, people might have them to bring along.


But folks should probably be prepared to bring, buy, or compensate others for any ammo used if trying out another member’s shootin’ irons. Some of the ammo involved can get pretty pricey per round.


I will be bringing, Just stock photos.

Sig Sauer P250, yes it has a long heavish trigger pull, But I feel it makes you a better shooter. I have it in 9mm & an exchange kit in 40 S&W. This means we can use the same trigger assembly in 40 S&W to shoot.

S&W Shield in 40 S&W

Taurus Model 85 38 Special

Ruger SP-101 38 Special/357 Mag

Sig 1911 Stand 45 ACP

I have a few others I may bring but they get to be difficult to bring much more. Last weekend I brought several to shoot & I had several bags to carry them in.


Hey Nick, what are the costs to attend? Do we pay our range fee of $20 to Eagle? I don’t see a fee on the DMS event.



I was wondering that as well. Haven’t been to Eagle yet.


The range fees for us are $15 per person paid to the range. Just tell them that you are with DMS. Also, you can do the range paperwork ahead of time. There is a link in my original post.


Don’t forget to sign up at the event link.

@richcase Is that a Mustang?


Indeed. 65 Fastback.


Supercharged? :heart_eyes:


351W bored and stroked to 406. Was originally going to be Fuel Injected and supercharged, but once I went from a 302 to 351 block nothing fit under the hood as originally planned. 5 speed, 4 wheel discs, rack and pinion. Fun little go cart. Have had it since 1989 in various forms…


There are currently 20 people signed up on the event page … and many more coming that haven’t signed up and just saw the signs.


Will we be able to handle this many? Logistics, safety, etc? Maybe so…I’ve never been to Eagle before.