1:1 Woodwork Class (Eager to Start)


Returning member that never got the Woodworking class done. I was wondering if anyone had time available next week to do a class? Ideally, after 5 pm.


Me too - I’m anxious to come back, but I haven’t been trained in the department I need. I noticed the class at 5:30 PM on Thursday, July 22 is FULL. Might someone be available to host another evening class sometime soon?

I know it is later than you would like, but I have added a class for August 10th. I expect it to go live on the calendar sometime today. I’m on vacation, so that’s the earliest I can get it scheduled.


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There is an open spot as of now in that class. It shows full but has one open spot available. Grab it before it’s gone

If @IanLee give the ok I can work out a time with someone, weekdays between 5-7 can sometimes be unpredictable if I can make it there but later at night on weekdays and and 8am- 5pm or after 10pm are doable times for me on weekends

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Thank you for the heads up! Just signed up, see you tomorrow!

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Are you checked out to teach?

No that’s what I was meaning to say like if I get ok’d by Ian then I can set up a time