1:1 Tour Request


Is there a volunteer that would mind allowing me to tour the facility? I’m interested in joining makerspace to work in woodshop. I’m super kind and would just enjoy a glimpse of the shop.

I am available any day during the week after 3:00pm and on Saturday or Sunday at any time that is convenient for you. Thank you!


Maritsa, we recommend letting us know a few times your interested in. That way our volunteers know who might best align.

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If you still need a tour by Saturday I’ll be happy to meet you up there ma’am. Will be there most of the day.


How about tomorrow (Thursday 10/1) at 3pm-ish? Just ring the bell at the north lobby (has the sign saying it’s the official entrance) (Suite 102 if you’re googling the address) (last entrance to the north, with the handicapped ramp).


That sounds perfect! I’ll be there tomorrow at about 3pm and ring the doorbell. Thank you!


Thank you, I appreciate that!

@dryad2b Do you mind if I piggyback today at 3pm? I just signed up for a new membership and need to pick up my key fob. I’ve been a member in the past, so I don’t need a tour. Thanks for any help!

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