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Need Aluminum Fabricator (Partner and/or Mentor) for my invention (9)
Prototype Design Needed (3)
Painting for a client (2)
Facilities Manager - Lakewood Brewing (2)
Packaging and Maintenance - Lakewood Brewing (1)
Need a Quickbooks guru for some one on one coaching (5)
** Calibration Tech Wanted ** (1)
Need help in decypheric grocery list of requirement in job descript (4)
Experienced metal worker wanted (4)
$300 Looking for a metal worker to build/ help build parts for a mechanical walker (3)
Looking to hire an expert to help me fix my personal laser cutter (8)
Looking for a Programmer (4)
Freelance Illustrator For Hire! (1)
IT Lab Instructor (1)
Help! In need of a chemical, mechanical, and design engineer! (12)
Programer Job openings (1)
Materials Science Engineer Recent Graduate (2)
$25/hr - Need help soldering some PCBs (7)
I have an intern position to fill (4)
Creator Studio Manager Part-Time (1)
Word Press help (3)
Large format printing (7)
Job Opening - 10min away from DMS - Teaching/Camp/STEAM/Curriculum Design (2)
Handyman needed $15/H (7)
Mechanical Engineer w/ SolidWorks and/or AutoCAD (3)
Mechanical Draftsman w/ SolidWorks and/or AutoCAD Experience (1)
Looking to hire for warehouse associate (1)
Looking for a home inspector - fimilar with building codes (16)
Looking to Hire 3D Modeler that can 3D print (2)
Simple machines forum basic maintenance and updates (1)