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Tabletop Gaming The Gaming Interest Group category is the round up of physical tabletop, board game, card game, tabletop campaigns, and LAN gaming SIGs that meet and host events at the Dallas Makerspace. Discussions can include tips, organizations, and other topics related to gaming culture at DMS. Amateur Radio The Amateur Radio Category is for discussion of amateur radio, RF and the governance of the interest group. Atomic Energy The Atomic Energy Interest Group at DMS provides an opportunity for members and others interested in nuclear science and its practical applications to engage in discussions and activities. Spaceship Bridge SIG The Spaceship Bridge <abbr title="Special Interest Group">SIG</abbr> category is for discussion about the various spaceship bridge sims played by, and the organization of, the Spaceship Bridge Special Interest Group. Ruby on Rails The Ruby on Rails Special Interest Group helps members and others to learn full-stack development of apps using hot, high-paying technologies: Ruby (language), Rails (Backend/Database), React (Web Pages), and React Native (App Stores). Knife Making The Knifemaking category is for discussing all aspects of designing and constructing knives, whether using the stock removal method, forging, or other techniques (CAM, casting, hybrid techniques). This includes constructing the blades themselves, with additional interest in the design and construction of knife scales, custom mosaic pins, sheaths, etc. Photography The Photography Category is for discussion of Photography. Projects The Projects category is where members and visitors (<em>individuals and groups</em>) can create threads to document various projects created at Dallas Makerspace.
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