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About the Education category [Education] (1)
Anyone for a repeat of R Studio(Data Science) or something else media or craft model/miniatures? [Interest Check] (1)
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Color Separations for Screen Printing Class? [Interest Check] (1)
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Turned honey dippers and fountain pens ( 2 ) [Interest Check] (24)
Leadership Class 11/10 1pm [Upcoming Classes & Events] (2)
Multi-discipline project classes: make a photo pillow [Interest Check] (5)
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Bad Caps class! ( 2 3 4 ) [Interest Check] (63)
How much do you know about current gen projectors? [Education] (12)
Cooking Classes- Sushi Making, Knife Skills, Knife Sharpening ( 2 ) [Interest Check] (28)
Jewelry Committee Meeting - Tuesday November 13, 2018 7-9 PM - All Welcome! [Upcoming Classes & Events] (1)
Plasma Cam Training 10-29-Monday night [Upcoming Classes & Events] (5)
Another Butterfly in a Frame Class [Upcoming Classes & Events] (4)