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About the Education category [Education] (1)
Wooden Sword Making Class [Interest Check] (15)
Clear resin casting with pressure pot,30 min demold time [Upcoming Classes & Events] (4)
Dragon Egg Resin Turning Class- Spot Open [Upcoming Classes & Events] (8)
Intermediate Knitters: interest in a Toe Up Socks series? [Interest Check] (8)
Reminder: SOLIDWORKS class Saturday 12/1 [Upcoming Classes & Events] (5)
Is there interest in a Class? ( 2 3 ) [Interest Check] (43)
Another miniature course on doing bases [Interest Check] (2)
Interactive blocked on Calendar [Education] (5)
Open back Resin Pendants ( 2 3 ) [Interest Check] (53)
Philosophy Meet Up - 42 - Wed Jan 9 7pm - Magrathea [Upcoming Classes & Events] (1)
Incentive Proposal: the more you teach, the more you reach, and vice-versa [Education] (14)
MLH: Blockchain basis: Intro to Quorum [Upcoming Classes & Events] (2)
Hack the Technical Interview: Algorithms Practice [Interest Check] (1)
Please reserve the smallest room possible for meetings and classes [Education] (4)
Short Video Classes? [Education] (15)
Turned honey dippers and fountain pens ( 2 ) [Interest Check] (28)
Holiday Barista Night at the Makerspace [Upcoming Classes & Events] (5)
Barista Basics - Brewing the best coffee in the world ( 2 ) [Interest Check] (37)
Casting Brass Without Heat Class this Sunday [Upcoming Classes & Events] (3)
Is teaching scarier than free solo climbing El Capitan? [Education] (11)
Anyone for a repeat of R Studio(Data Science) or something else media or craft model/miniatures? [Interest Check] (2)
How to add to Dallas Makerspace Meetup? [Education] (2)
Home-brewing Beer Class & Brewday [Interest Check] (14)
Win Shields - The Business of Television classes? [Education] (5)
Locksmith class? Willing to teach ( 2 3 ) [Interest Check] (51)
Our students are changing the future with an Hour of Code [Upcoming Classes & Events] (1)
First time Teaching- Fine Art Class Idea [Education] (3)
Science of Sharp - Knife Sharpening [Upcoming Classes & Events] (2)
Machining Lecture Series [Upcoming Classes & Events] (8)